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Discover the seaside resort Ouddorp in South Holland

The seaside resort Ouddorp is beautifully situated on the North Sea at the head of the South Holland island of Goeree-Overflakkee. Despite the fact that the island is located in the province of South Holland, the island is also considered Zeeland island. The island looks and breathes Zeeland and this is reflected in language and culture.

Nature and culture suggestions

  • Kilometres of coastline
  • De Kwade Hoek nature reserve
  • Ouddorp harbour
  • West Head Lighthouse
  • Seal sanctuary

Museum and theme parks

  • Rien Poortvliet Museum in Korendijk
  • Locks in Haringvliet Expo
  • Rotterdam Tramway Preservation Society Museum

More active suggestions

  • Water sports on the Grevelingenmeer
  • Walk on the beach
  • Neeltje Jans water park

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